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Dispatch From:  Dr. Wallace W. "Skipper Brawley, Jr., '62

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

"Good morning this last day of June,

I, along with two other Alum. went to Clarkesville, GA on Monday to visit with a member of the Class of 41, Gen. Clarence Irwin, who lost his wife a short time back. We figured we'd give the old General a bit of Bulldog Cheer.

He made a special point to show us a shadow box he had made with is filled with the Citadel Miniatures sent to him by the Foundation for his annual giving. He seemed more proud of them than all his medals and awards from the Military...!

I thought you would like to know that your efforts were appreciated. Wonderful Visit with an outstanding gentleman.

I hope you have a wonderful day. 


 "The General put on his Citadel Colors when he heard we were coming."

 FBI Special Agent Mark D. Sewell, MECEP '92; BG Clarence B. Irwin, USA, Ret. '41;
Dr. Wallace W. "Skipper" Brawley, Jr., '62; Jack Rowe (provisional appointee, Class of 2023);
and D. Corbin Rowe, III, '86.


Agent Sewell, in Afghanistan just four weeks ago, likewise proudly remembered his Citadel colors.