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Scholarship Q&A: 
Cadet Richard Nelson Burch, II, Class of 2010

Name: Nelson Burch
Company:  Kilo
Graduation Year: 2010
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC
Scholarship Awarded: Athletic, Football

Why did you come to The Citadel?

For the opportunity to play football.  Also, The Citadel stuck out more than any other college.   

What has been your most challenging experience since you arrived on campus?

During football, I tore my ACL in each leg. 

Has your scholarship award enabled you to pursue or accomplish any goals you might otherwise have been unable to attain?

I was awarded a football scholarship for my senior year, which was a huge goal in itself, and allowed me to play the sport I love. 

What do you enjoy most about your Citadel experience?

The bonds I made with classmates and teammates.  Also, receiving my ring was a great moment.  

Recall your favorite or most challenging class.

Chemistry has been the most challenging.  My favorite class was organizational problem solving with Mrs. Shuler. 

Have any specific professors, TAC officers, or cadet mentors played a formative role in your intellectual development?

Colonel Shealey has been great, my advisor Dr. Kathryn Richardson-Jones, and my coaches. 

How have you changed since coming to The Citadel?

I have become more organized and time efficient.

Where do you hope to go from here?

I hope to attend graduate school.