The School of Science and Mathematics

The School of Science and Mathematics is comprised of six departments: Biology, Chemistry, Health, Exercise and Sport Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, Nursing, and Physics. There are over 50 tenured/tenure-track faculty within the School and over 420 cadets. Together with the Schools of Education and Engineering, we run the STEM Center at The Citadel.

Our mission includes providing science and mathematics literacy to the whole student body and to the community; preparing highly qualified K-12 teachers; educating the next generation of scientists, nurses, and mathematicians; and helping develop the workforce for our high-technology industry.

In order to achieve the above educational mission, our School offers over ten major programs of study leading to bachelor’s degrees, many minor programs, and a number of master’s degree and graduate certificate programs. We also provide broad inter-school instructional support to the core curriculum, and our highly qualified faculty devote enormous effort and energy to teaching while actively engaging in scholarship and service to the Low Country, the State and the Nation. Our learning environment is characterized by small class sizes, an abundance of personal attention, and ample opportunity for interaction between faculty and students.

The School, and the departments within, have also developed partnerships with and memberships in a variety of key organizations such as the Council on Undergraduate Research and the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units Network (Piedmont South Atlantic).

Thank you for your support of The School of Science and Mathematics!

School of Science & Mathematics Donations
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Your Gifts at Work

Funding for laboratory equipment, for support of student activities and faculty scholarship, and for other initiatives to advance the School of Science and Mathematics is always in short supply. Therefore unrestricted gifts are particularly appreciated. Of course, gifts designated for a specific purpose are also welcomed.

However you choose to give your support to the School of Science and Mathematics, you can be assured that your gift will be used in the most effective manner to provide the best education possible to our students.