Cadet Caller Directory

Small Matt Bungarden

Matthew Bungarden is a Sophomore Political Science and Spanish double major from Palo Alto, California.  Matthew is a graduate of Palo Alto High School.  He has been with The Citadel Foundation since September of 2013 and is enjoying his first semester at the Cadet Call Center.  Upon graduation in 2016, he plans on entering the Army.

Sebastian Clark

Sebastian Clark is a member of Victor Company and a member of the Class of 2014.  He is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Sebastian is currently majoring in History.  He wishes to earn a commission with the Army.  He has been calling at the Cadet Call Center for a full year.

Melissa Fredette

Melissa (Missi) Fredette is a Junior English Major with a Law and Legal Studies and American Politics Minors from Milford, New Hampshire. Since her knob year, she has played on The Citadel's Women's Rugby Team playing as Scrum Half.  She has also participated in the Citadel's annual Christmas Candlelight performance for 2 years. After graduation, she hopes to go to law school with aspirations to enter the political arena for the state of South Carolina.  Missi started at the Cadet Call Center Spring of 2013.

Jonah Badbois

Jonah Gadbois is from Austin, Texas. He lived in Vietnam for thirteen years before he moved to Austin, Texas. Cadet Gadbois is currently Fifth Battalion Operation Officer and Battalion Athletic Officer.  Cadet Gadbois is majoring in Political Science. After graduation, he wants to move back to Texas and possibly continue to grad school. Cadet Gadbois started at the Cadet Call Center Fall of 2013

Tripp Grooms

Richard (Tripp) Grooms is the Lead Supervisor for The Citadel Foundation Cadet Call Center, and also the 2013 Citadel Class Chairman.  He graduated from Charlie Company in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration.  Tripp is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Magna Cumm Laude graduate and former recipient of the Star of the West Scholarship.  He is currently attending the Medical University of South Carolina in pursuit of a Masters in Healthcare Administration. 

Hannah Holt

Hannah Holt is a sophomore Civil Engineering major from North Charleston, South Carolina.  Hannah plays Women's Rugby for The Citadel.  After she graduates she wants to go to graduate school for Bioengineering so that she can work in the medical field.  Hannah started at the Cadet Call Center Fall of 2013.

Thomas Hudson

Thomas Hudson is a senior cadet in Charlie Company from Lexington, SC. Thomas is a Business Administration major and will go into the civilian business world after graduation this May. Thomas began working at the Cadet Call Center during the summer of 2013.

Pierre Joyner

Pierre Joyner is from Camden South Carolina. Pierre is a senior cadet and studies Criminal Justice and upon graduation he will be commissioned in the Air Force.  He is the Mike Company Commander.  Pierre has been working at the call center for 1 semester.

John Weber Mimms

John Weber Mimms is a senior cadet in Echo Company and a criminal justice major. Weber is from Darlington South Carolina and has been calling at the Cadet Call Center since fall of 2012.

Brandon Rabon

Brandon Rabon is a senior Math major in Alpha Company from Goose Creek, SC. He runs cross country and track for The Citadel. He enjoys fishing, camping, running, and other outdoor activities. He began calling for The Citadel Foundation during the summer of 2013.

Evan Rogerson

Evan Rogerson is a senior cadet from Kilo Company. He is a Criminal Justice major with a U.S. History minor.  Evan is one of the supervisors at the call center. Evan has been working at the call center since the summer of 2012. He plans on working local law enforcement, then going into either the U.S. Marshall service or D.E.A.

Marvin Shepard

Martin (Theo) Shepard is currently the Human Affairs Sergeant for Victor Company. His home company is Palmetto Battery. Cadet Shepard is a part of the class of 2015 and taking up studies to obtain his electrical engineering degree. He has worked for the Cadet Call Center since the start of February 2013.

Charles Stephens

Charles Stephens is currently a Senior Psychology major from Columbia, South Carolina. Charles is a graduate of Columbia High School. He has been with the The Citadel Foundation since May of 2012 and is now a Supervisor within the Cadet Call Center. Upon graduation in May of 2014 he plans on entering the Management field.

Anthony Trevino

Anthony Trevino is a Senior Business Administration Major in Golf Company.  He is a graduate of Roswell High School in Roswell, Georgia, and has been working for The Citadel Foundation since the beginning of October 2013. Upon his graduation from The Citadel in May of 2014, he plans to attend OCS and receive a commission in the military.

Ashley VanStraten

Ashley Vanstraten is a junior cadet and a Criminal Justice Major at The Citadel.  From Pensacola, Florida, Ashley is a Citadel Scholar and in the Honors Program. Currently she serves as F-Troop's Regulations and Discipline NCO.  Ashley has aspirations to be a Special Agent in the FBI after serving four to eight years as a United States Coast Guard Officer upon graduation.  With multiple Dean's List and Gold Star awards, Ashley stays focused on Citadel academia and looks most forward to receiving her Band of Gold next year.  Ashley started at the Cadet Call Center September of 2013. 

Thomas Wilkinson

Thomas Wilkinson is a junior cadet in F-Troop and started as a cadet caller in the fall of 2013. In the corps, he has served as Recruiting Corporal and is currently the Company Drillmaster. Thomas is also active with several clubs on campus and is the operations NCO for the Rifle Legion. He is a criminal justice major with plans to go to law school and someday become a federal judge.